Kids, Education Is Your Calling!

This is taken from a very long essay by Stanley Hauerwas at First I post this part here because this is the single most important point he makes,  I think. As Deepak Chopra likes to point out, appreciation is the key to our personal happiness. If young people were as appreciative as they could be, given the fact there are many people who will never have a chance to attend university and instead start their working life sometimes as young as 16 and who would dearly love to be able to  “listen to lectures, attend seminars, go to labs, and read books” they might be more motivated to succeed in school. Maybe we need to require a one credit class for juniors, covering the effect of an education long term for students AND addressing gratitude/ appreciation as the single best way to be happy with your situation in life. The two go together in my mind because we hear statistics telling us that 53% of freshmen won’t graduate, related story here: . Perhaps more would persevere if they understood the privilege being accorded them, if they did understand, they would appreciate it, feel gratitude (to God or parents or fate, whatever).

Go With God

An open letter to young Christians on their way to college

…To be a student is a calling. Your parents are setting up accounts to pay the bills, or you are scraping together your own resources and taking out loans, or a scholarship is making college possible. Whatever the practical source, the end result is the same. You are privileged to enter a time—four years!—during which your main job is to listen to lectures, attend seminars, go to labs, and read books.

It is an extraordinary gift. In a world of deep injustice and violence, a people exists that thinks some can be given time to study. We need you to take seriously the calling that is yours by virtue of going to college. You may well be thinking, “What is he thinking? I’m just beginning my freshman year. I’m not being called to be a student. None of my peers thinks he or she is called to be a student. They’re going to college because it prepares you for life. I’m going to college so I can get a better job and have a better life than I’d have if I didn’t go to college. It’s not a calling.”


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  1. Posted by Ryan on October 31, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Love your post! I talk about similar education topics here: I think neglect of the privilege of education is a huge deal…


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