The Must-Have Kitchen Gadget From Gaza

Well. A kitchen gadget I don’t have? I do have a mortar and pestle though, I wonder if that counts? Looking at the photo I am unclear how they can make entire salads in the thing, do you need one per person and make individual salads or how big is it that you can make and serve stews and other meals from it? It must be much larger that I’m thinking. Intriguing.



From The Atlantic

A zibdiye is a heavy unglazed clay bowl, accompanied by a lemonwood pestle. Throughout the Gaza Strip—and to my knowledge, nowhere else—this one implement has so many different uses it can be seen as a key to the whole cuisine.

To begin with, it is used for grinding spices, as an ordinary mortar and pestle would be. This might mean black pepper and allspice to give aroma to a soup of green wheat and chicken broth, or toasted coriander seeds to brighten lentils, or a precious drop of mastic to perfume a creamy dessert.




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