Holograph Plays Sold-Out Concerts


Hatsune Miku: Japanese HOLOGRAPH Plays Sold Out Concerts; Science Fiction Comes To Life (VIDEO)


GSC's Hatsune Miku

Image by tataquax via Flickr



Holographic idol Hatsune Miku is the creation of the group Crypton Future Media, using software from Vocaloid, and the group has put the avatar on tour with a live band. The sight of thousands of screaming fans waving glow sticks while the the holograph “performs” on stage is straight out of a science fiction novel.

The avatar is huge and incredibly realistic. Check out “her” concert performance below. More videos can be foundĀ here.

from YouTube:


One response to this post.

  1. a pop idoru who never gets tired, or fat, or diva-ish, or does drugs or asks for more $ or does anything compromising? i don’t know if that’s perfect or scary!

    isn’t there an SF novel about a guy who marries a pop-star hologram? sounds like something Gibson or Stross would get into.


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