When The New Deal Is Left To Work, This Happens

This is a comment from Meagan McCaudle’s blog at The Atlantic.

…The Euro should logically be insanely stronger than the dollar and rising: American infrastructure and much of its domestic manufacturing base, is frankly, if you drive through America and REALLY LOOK with your eyes, a second-world joke compared to Germany. The reason for Germany still having a manufacturing base and booming exports generating wealth for their country is very simple, their political structure was the full implementation of Roosevelt’s New Deal as part of the post war late forties reconstruction plan… so that even though they now have a standing army of 200,000 and a reunification tax of 8% on top of a bunch of other taxes, they also have a 32.5 hour working week as standard practice and a very high standard of living for the majority. They make great products with great build quality and they don’t get drawn into neo-conservative military misadventures for short-term corporate profit.

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